Callin’ it done lol
New icon full version, spent a couple of hours on it and I quite like it~
Alyss/art © me, please do not use, edit, redistribute, repost, or alter in any way, shape, or form without my permission


Callin’ it done lol

New icon full version, spent a couple of hours on it and I quite like it~

Alyss/art © me, please do not use, edit, redistribute, repost, or alter in any way, shape, or form without my permission

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Glaciendrayzeck Dancing Within Sound by naukkluik


Glaciendrayzeck Dancing Within Sound by naukkluik


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Fat girls get too much hate. You don’t know her lifestyle or her diet by how she looks. Many people have diseases that make them gain weight as a result, that they can’t lose. Many fat girls resort to eating disorders such as anorexia, but because of their weight, get brushed off as dieting.
“Have you lost weight?” Should not be a compliment. It should be an observation of worry, depending on the situation.
Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor are hated for one line in a song; that it makes skinny people feel ‘insecure,’ and ‘violated.’ Yet many songs go without examination when they bash bigger women.
I never felt like I could be a Disney princess, I was always interested in villains, because villains were ugly, stupid, and fat. That’s what I thought I was.
Until magazines regularly give diet plans on how to gain weight to achieve beautiful curves, or sizes above 2 are no longer considered ‘obese’ by fashion stores, I will not rest. Girls like me don’t love themselves because of one physical attribute. We are not lazy, we are not pigs, we are not stupid. We deserve respect.
And end the idea that only fat girls with curves are pretty. We have bulky arms and double chins, and it’s not gross.

Actually, there is only one way to gain weight and that’s calories in vs out. Diseases may make the weight loss process harder but they do not make it impossible, and the small minority of obese people actually have those problems. 

Oh fucking please. People telling me I’ve lost weight is a fucking compliment. Don’t erase MY hard work because you don’t want to do it.

Meghan Trainor is hated for more than one line, because her ENTIRE SONG puts one body type over another, and it makes them feel upset. Again, don’t erase their feelings because of your jealousy.

Same, I mean I never had the big eyes of anime characters and it just made me oh so sad. They’re CARTOONS!!!!!!!

Sizes over 2 aren’t considered obese.  

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma City police officer was charged Friday with 16 counts including first-degree rape and sexual battery after being accused of assaulting at least eight women while on patrol.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 27, also faces charges of forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure. Holtzclaw, a former standout football player in high school and college, was arrested Aug. 21. He remained in custody on a $5 million cash bond Friday, according to jail records.

He is accused of stopping women, who were all black and between the ages of 34 and 58, while on duty in Oklahoma City. Prosecutors allege that he raped two women and either fondled others or forced them to expose themselves, and police said there may be more victims.


Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw GoFundMe

Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw Facebook

"Former standout football player in high school and college"

"He only assaulted older Black women"

*39 people raise over $7,000 to defend him*

Alternatively titled: how we discuss and treat white male criminals (rapists) in the United States

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I’m kind of astounded at how trashy some of y’all are being right now

being skinny gives you privilege over fat people!! it does!! I’m skinny and I have privilege over fat people!! it’s not that hard to understand that society values a certain kind of body and gives people with those bodies societal advantages

if you don’t understand that, please read more into the fat acceptance and body positivity movement. if you decide to start shit and call people “lard asses” while pretending they insulted you first, well


Actually, I’m obese and have been fat for a long time and skinny people have no privilege over me. Thin people go through the same problems fat people do but the opposite, like being called too small instead of too big. 

My younger sister is thin, my two best friends are thin and they both have gone through hell, sometimes going through the same type of experiences I have. It’s not “society” saying thin is better than fat it’s health. 

people can be healthy or unhealthy at any size

fat people have to deal with discrimination by corporations, doctors, and people. yeah, of course both skinny and fat people have problems!! everyone has problems, and most women will experience issues to do with body image.

society glorifies and fetishizes thinness. in media, in fashion, and advantages are given to thin people solely because of their size. so yeah, thin privilege exists. 

Yes, but obesity is a indication of poor health. It crushes your heart, bones, and organs. 

Fat people deal with no discrimination. At all. A doctor telling you facts about health is not discrimination. Corporations not wanting to sell sizes worn by a small minority of clothing is not discrimination. 

Society does not glorify and fetishize thinness, only a small type of curvy people. Thin privilege does NOT exist. Try telling my best friend who feels like no girl will want him that thinness is glorified. 

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Concept art & finished work.
We like to explore and evolve characters as we build them.  Character creation is one of our absolute favorite parts of costume making.


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oh yeah people call me anorexic because i’m thin and point out that i have no boobs and call me skinny and act like i don’t eat but that’s completely ok because body shaming is only bad if it’s done to big girls :))))

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